Mission & policy

Enzo 2 marzo '13 This blog is written by Guido Perosino.
It’s purpose is to increase the level of knowledge and respect for one of the greatest and most beautiful dog breeds.
Pictures and drawings will be used to illustrate the breed’s type, morphology and character.
I will edit and control all posted informations. I welcome opinions and informed comments from other lovers of this noble breed. As editor I will chose content that presents the breed in its most favorable light in support of the corret breed standard. Critical contents will be published when addressed to the better knowledge of the breed. I will not include criticism of individual dogs or people.
Informative editorials or articles can be sent by contributors and will be considered for publication under the exclusive responsibility of the author.
Advertising and promotional material will not be included: the blog is intended for educational purposes.
Note: the language that will be used is English; please forgive mistakes and possible misundertandings due to the fact English is not the primary language of many of this blog’s contributors.