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NANCY 255 

Fred’s life with dogs began with the German Shepherd dog, but in 1971 he began his research into Leonbergers.   Fred was fascinated by their other name “ The Children’s Dog,” and he admired their beauty, their size and especially their soft, gentle temperament.

At this time Leonbergers were almost unknown in England and German breeders were reluctant to sell a puppy to Fred because of the restrictive and isolating quarantine regulations at that time.

Eventually, in 1988 Fred purchased his first puppy bitch from Larry and Eileen Rahmer, “Jancarbi Moon Over Miami.”  She was called Sally and she became the foundation bitch for The Kinghern Leonbergers.

Fred was a founder member of The Leonberger Club of Great Britain and he served on the Committee from the beginning, holding the office of Vice Chairman, Chairman and President.

Over the years Fred imported Leonbergers from Germany, Sweden and Norway and friends from all over the world travelled to Kinghern to experience his passion and knowledge of the breed and to share his company.


In his book  “Kinghern, A Love Affair with Leonbergers”  Fred says it all.

Jenny Kennish Inwood

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