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All posted informations will be carefully chosen in order to bring knowledge, responsibility and care. I welcome opinions and informed comments from other lovers of this noble breed. As editor I will chose content that presents the breed in its most favorable light in support of the corret breed standard...

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adminMarch - 3 - 2013 2 Comments

Waltruat at JunesWaltraut was a founder of the LCA (LEONBERGER CLUB OF AMERICA) and served on the board of directors from 1985 to 1991 and 1999 to 2005. She was integral in establishing our breeding standards through her work on the Breeding Committee over the span of 27 years. In 1998 she helped to bring to life the LCA Health Committee for the specific purpose of focusing on health issues relevant to the breed. Several years later she played a prominent role in co-founding the Leonberger Health Foundation, which continues to do good work on Leonberger health issues both nationally and with its international partners. Waltraut was a breeder of Leonbergers from the beginning of the LCA. In 1999 she was part of the first round of judges that were grandfathered in by the LCA as LCA approved judges. Waltraut has the distinction of being the only LCA Club judge who has had training as an FCI judge of Leonbergers, and she is uniquely qualified in this regard. However, setting aside all of the accomplishments and accolades, Waltraut was simply a bright light of passion for the Leonberger breed, and even after her untimely death from cancer in 2012 she continues to be an inspiration to always do more and better for the Leonberger breed.

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